General League Information

Schedules: In efforts to maintain your linage costs (The Best value in the Bay Area) we are making the following choices available to you. Please make a selection among the choices below:

*NOTE All leagues are guaranteed

Guaranteed = Number of teams times the number of bowlers to be paid to the house (Napa Bowl) for the 33 week league schedule. Napa Bowl’s regular bowl season is based on 33 weeks. 32 weeks of league play and 33rd week sweeper. (See Schedule Below)

Based on 3 Game Leagues


  • Adults 32 week plus sweeper – $14.00 per bowler per week.
  • Seniors 32 week plus sweeper – $13.00 per bowler per week.


  • 29 weeks, based on 28 weeks with a guaranteed sweeper – $16.00 per bowler per week.
  • 31 weeks, based on 30 weeks with a guaranteed sweeper – $15.50 per bowler per week.
  • 33 weeks, based on 32 weeks with a guaranteed sweeper – $15.00 per bowler per week.
  • 33 weeks based on 34 weeks with a free sweeper – $15.00 per bowler per week.


1) PAYMENT OF LINAGE: The house (Napa Bowl) would prefer a check drawn on a league bank account for the payment of linage. However, if this is not possible, cash or personal check from a league member will be accepted. Linage to be paid the night of bowling. Please pay every week.

2) MAKE UP AND PRE-BOWLED GAMES: All pre-bowled and makeup games MUST be scheduled at the desk by the league secretary, 48 hours in advance. No make-up or pre-bowled games between 4:30pm-5:30pm, Monday through Friday. No make-up games on Saturday. Only by appointment on Sunday permitting lane availability.

3) PRACTICE: There will be 5 minutes of practice before league play starts. Napa Bowl offers their league bowlers:

  • Special practice certificates, 10 games for $33.00 which is good any time except Friday & Saturdays after 5:00pm.
  • League bowlers may practice ½ hour prior to their league start at a PRE-PAY cost of $3.00 per person per game.
  • Napa Bowl’s “Bowler Awards” (1) Award per bowler per year. (Year consists of Sept. 1st – Aug 31st) See board for awards.

4) RENTAL SHOES: $3.50 both day and night for everyone. No exceptions, all bowlers must wear shoes.

5) OPEN LANES: All lanes that are not in use during league play will be made available for open play for customers at the discretion of the desk personnel.

6) RENT: Locker rent is $40.00 and due no later than October 15th. After October 15th locker rent is $45.00.

7) THERE IS NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED: Check out Lane 33 Café for league and team platters, League catering specials, and regular menu items. (W/exception of deserts. Cookies & Cakes during the Holidays Christmas thanksgiving.)

8) DUE TO INSURANCE, NAPA BOWL DOES NOT OFFER DAYCARE: We encourage children to enjoy Napa Bowl, but they must follow the rules: No running, No horseplay, No skate Boards, of Scooters, and Must Not Obstruct Lobby Area.

9) SPORTSMANSHIP: Napa Bowl wants to maintain a clean, professional atmosphere for our bowlers. Policies for this upcoming season regarding sportsmanship: There will be no profanities, no destruction of centers property will be accepted, and no unsportsmanlike conduct towards other bowlers. File your complaints with the league sergeant of arms/president.

10) In consideration for the bowlers Napa Bowl asks that you keep food and drinks out of Sitting area. Please keep drinks and food on counter tops provided for you.